A moment in the sunrise

I try to never miss a sunrise to paint my intentions within a landscape completely indifferent to me. I can seamlessly slip through the spiderwebbed crackson my little patio and into the sunlit glow of a sacred space, exhaling my prayers and wildflower hopes to breathe in peace made with the day’s groundlessness; understandingthe unknowingsand … Continue reading A moment in the sunrise

Floral Poems

Hope Collective wearydroopedin trumpet vinesfrom the scaffoldingof our swallowed normal,so today we’ll restwith the hope of abrighter tomorrow. Bloom Landslides may blanketmy mind in frigid numbnessbut roses still bloom. #haiku Afterglow My eyes fall closedto the repertoireof dreamswhere rests are removedfrom fragmented speech. Our lips hum as onein the soft blush of sun & reverie … Continue reading Floral Poems

Sweet Dreams

The isle stilled with scatteringfrom the crater’s sunside glow. Its sudden incandescencedrizzled skin with watered rose.The silken layercovered mein a lover’ssaccharine memory & lingered in its tinglean indelible flame.In fuchsia mist hibiscussprinkled beadslike drummingfingertips.In my dreamyour kiss became the ‘Ulalena rains.. . . . By: Katy Claire Funke Since moving to Maui I have been … Continue reading Sweet Dreams


I drove there once, before I left, to watch us (still held) by a dark forest — cradling the rain we gave so freely to, carrying our breath for love that ever grew.I wanted to see you there.To look,to holda bit longer.& lethearts leak(somehow softer). By: Katy Claire Funke