I fell in love with Poetry

A love story #prose #poetry I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when I fell in love with Poetry. Somewhere between the summer nights and the carelessness of his hair. Of course, he was a musician with this hypnotizing rhythm and a smile like Chardonnay. Just the way that he knocked at my door that autumn … Continue reading I fell in love with Poetry

Synergy & Seal Haikus

Synergy Before the coral reefs felt pain and the oceans could speak English we were as one,the mountains and I,as were the sea lionsand constellations . Before our spiritscould be sacrificedfor jewels and false images we exhaledwith the ebbing tidesin waves combined of energies . God made usto participateone bodyand one spirit — when stars … Continue reading Synergy & Seal Haikus

Exquisitely Dressed / Haikus on the Beach

Exquisitely dressed are the shoresthat hem the oceanic abyss: cashmere sands are icedin crystalline fishnet nylons adorned are corsetswith bones of coraland buttonsof tiffany blue diamonds effervescent watersstill bubble upbeneath the foam-trimmed tulle gowns of brackish satinlearn to let goof their most treasured pearls skirts of gelatin pirouettetheir secrets laced in seaweed embraced for love … Continue reading Exquisitely Dressed / Haikus on the Beach


On sailboatswe glissade —ceasing all activity from choppy shores to tranquil watersthat ripple tosimplicity. Boundlessly we float, we restin lovingkindness. Breathing in thesoftened skies we welcomeocean’s lullabies. “Lullabye” cover by Katy Funke https://youtu.be/DR73kyKrTeE Today I wanted to create a special recording project for my friends and family who just had babies or are expecting very … Continue reading Lullaby

Island Life Haikus

#haiku Plumeria Pink lemonade paintssugared fondant to bloom onnature’s birthday cake Lured into heavensby cocoa jasmine citruson balmy evenings Road Crossing Rooster A lover boy knownfor his serenades at dawndarts across my road Gelled back James Dean inamber ebonied feathersturning heads down streets Silly bonus haiku: Pineapple Princesswon the Palm Tree Pageant. Now she’s Coconut … Continue reading Island Life Haikus