Water-lily poems

From the depths emerged An incandescent being On a green-lit train #Haiku The lily every morning at the pond A knowing of my darkness pulls me deeper than the surface, through the holy waters of the water-lily world. The ancient mud receives me still and holds me with the heartbeat of the Earth. It echos: … Continue reading Water-lily poems

A moment in the sunrise

I try to never miss a sunrise to paint my intentions within a landscape completely indifferent to me. I can seamlessly slip through the spiderwebbed crackson my little patio and into the sunlit glow of a sacred space, exhaling my prayers and wildflower hopes to breathe in peace made with the day’s groundlessness; understandingthe unknowingsand … Continue reading A moment in the sunrise

Synergy & Seal Haikus

Synergy Before the coral reefs felt pain and the oceans could speak English we were as one,the mountains and I,as were the sea lionsand constellations . Before our spiritscould be sacrificedfor jewels and false images we exhaledwith the ebbing tidesin waves combined of energies . God made usto participateone bodyand one spirit — when stars … Continue reading Synergy & Seal Haikus

Exquisitely Dressed / Haikus on the Beach

Exquisitely dressed are the shoresthat hem the oceanic abyss: cashmere sands are icedin crystalline fishnet nylons adorned are corsetswith bones of coraland buttonsof tiffany blue diamonds effervescent watersstill bubble upbeneath the foam-trimmed tulle gowns of brackish satinlearn to let goof their most treasured pearls skirts of gelatin pirouettetheir secrets laced in seaweed embraced for love … Continue reading Exquisitely Dressed / Haikus on the Beach

Island Life Haikus

#haiku Plumeria Pink lemonade paintssugared fondant to bloom onnature’s birthday cake Lured into heavensby cocoa jasmine citruson balmy evenings Road Crossing Rooster A lover boy knownfor his serenades at dawndarts across my road Gelled back James Dean inamber ebonied feathersturning heads down streets Silly bonus haiku: Pineapple Princesswon the Palm Tree Pageant. Now she’s Coconut … Continue reading Island Life Haikus

Floral Poems

Hope Collective wearydroopedin trumpet vinesfrom the scaffoldingof our swallowed normal,so today we’ll restwith the hope of abrighter tomorrow. Bloom Landslides may blanketmy mind in frigid numbnessbut roses still bloom. #haiku Afterglow My eyes fall closedto the repertoireof dreamswhere rests are removedfrom fragmented speech. Our lips hum as onein the soft blush of sun & reverie … Continue reading Floral Poems