Pineapples, Cake and Poetry

The Long Way Home : A Pineapple’s Journey Too long Pineapple clung to the juices she was born with. Though she tried to hide the seep of syrup from the rot of flesh that cracked her armor. She knew no magic pill, nor painless shortcut could extend her shelf life any further. And the only … Continue reading Pineapples, Cake and Poetry

Lemon bars + poetry

A lemon’s role So quicklyLemon learnedshe would never get the lead … Her role was alwayssupportingwith a zestor a squeeze. She had accepted her career as :“the faintest essence”or “the tasteful garnish.” In the business ofbreakfast, lunch and dinnershe was alwaysthe slice of bitteron the dish. But thenshe learnedshe could be a star in changing … Continue reading Lemon bars + poetry