Tropical October Every day the purple rain petunias in my garden will fall by 5pm to be reborn by morning. Rain, sun, rain every day. My banana plant will fan new daily greens. The dolphins flipping in the distance are the only changing things that tell me it’s not summer anymore. Warm and clean the … Continue reading October

Lemon bars + poetry

A lemon’s role So quicklyLemon learnedshe would never get the lead … Her role was alwayssupportingwith a zestor a squeeze. She had accepted her career as :“the faintest essence”or “the tasteful garnish.” In the business ofbreakfast, lunch and dinnershe was alwaysthe slice of bitteron the dish. But thenshe learnedshe could be a star in changing … Continue reading Lemon bars + poetry

Nourishing poems

Sometimes we stop and look aroundin these high mountains climbed. We think of all we wereand how much we’ve changed. How we are no longer holding ourselvestightly coiledas fiddleheads, but knownowwe can unfurl : hearts open to the elements —acceptingwhat is nourishing. We carry and admire thoseglistening raindrops : each cherished memoryand lesson learned. Wishing … Continue reading Nourishing poems