Tropical October

Every day
the purple rain petunias in my garden
will fall by 5pm to be reborn by morning.

Rain, sun, rain
every day.
My banana plant will fan new daily greens.

The dolphins flipping in the distance
are the only changing things that tell me
it’s not summer anymore.

Warm and clean the water, the beaches —
no skeletons awash along the shore,
as autumn’s melancholy longing’s
only in my soul.

The stapled plastic, rust-orange leaves
at harvest festival don’t fool me

when my pen can only harvest truth
and death is not a metaphor
in tropical October.

Missing some sweater weather inspiration, but loving the dolphins migrating to the islands 💙🐬
Note: It took me a while to realize Mexican petunias (also known as purple showers) shed their blooms each evening to re-bloom every morning. I was so confused by all of the blooms on the ground.

Introducing myself to the ghost of Keats

Like you,
I’m a hopeless romantic born on Halloween
believing — really wanting to believe in magic.

Like the year that I turned ten
and thought that meant
I would be different.

The only year I wasn’t interested in
pink, princessing sequins.

No, that year I’d be a witch
(trick-or-treat, please give me darkness).
Give me black cats, transformations

in the backyard
running and jumping on my broomstick
believing —
really wanting to believe
that I was meant to fly.

I was honored to find out I share my birthday with my favorite romantic poet, John Keats 🍁 I will be 28 this year — 3 years older than he ever would be. I had to watch the beautiful movie Bright Star and cry for a while.
Writing and photography by: Katy Claire Funke

Photos taken at Kula Farms, Maui.

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