You came to me like the first of autumn,
gently awakening my every leaf
to the crimson ribbons of your breeze —
and to you: the dream of my deciduous heart.

Our souls had always been older than the summer —
interacting with each other without us ever knowing,
and September was something harmonious to us.

Together we learned what it was to change:
to shed our youth,
and let go of what we knew of branches.

What I felt for you opened the landscape of me
and wrapped me in the music of everything.

In its amber tones we fell
w e i g h t l e s s
for a season …
until the Earth rose up to meet us.

We laid along its surface,
and held each other —
succumbing to the rain and falling scarlet-stars.

And after the spills and flames consumed us,
what remained, still,
was love.

Inspired by my favorite jazz standard, “Autumn Leaves.”

Here is a recording I did of this beautiful piece in the Eva Cassidy arrangement. 🍂

I am anticipating missing my favorite season this year living in Hawaii. 🍁
Full disclaimer: I had to round up leaves from various places to get a fall-looking picture.

Writing, photography and vocal performance by: Katy Claire Funke

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