is an Earth-song
where I can reach you, care for,
feed you with my bare hands.

my heart flies
fervently to find you
in the woodlands where we met.

Even if for just a moment.

you wait beside the keys
that form of bone and poetry —
of music and of love.

with our tears and laughter
we unlock each other’s ribcages
and watch the birds sing

Writing and photography by: Katy Claire Funke

30 thoughts on “Earth-song

  1. Dear Katy. Your song got my mind working. I hope you are enjoying the last days of Summer.
    —-The September song….

    The leave are turning and the nights are cooler.
    The children are playing outside,
    enjoying the last days of Summer.

    I have become like the Autumn,
    my once young and hopeful eyes,
    understanding life moved so quickly.

    Now I have hazy memories,
    ancient love story to be written.
    Old man drink the cold beer now,
    the whiskey drinking man.
    Just myth and tales in my stories.

    I paint to canvas with words about the beautiful days,
    the great sea and the quiet desert.
    I looked at old photos and I remember.

    The warm and sweet kisses of kind lovers,
    I remember the German Spring and the California Summer.
    Now I don’t cursed love,
    now I counts every lover.
    As the greatest blessings known.

    I still dreams of blushing beauties,
    stealing kisses in the rain.
    I remember,
    when lovers allowed night to fall into day,
    when passion was my wealth.

    Now the grandchildren are my wealth.
    I remember the good days and I know.
    We must paint days of laughter,
    paint new days where we celebrate love near and
    we know. What we do now. Is what is true.

    The Autumn days are here.
    The first day of September and the leaves are falling.
    Please remember.
    Today is a empty canvas and we must paint with a hopeful heart.
    A day of wonder, a day of joy.


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