Interstellar Cinderella

I knew time too intimately.

Her imprisonment,
like an evil stepmother,

reduced me down to just a pulse
and steadily stole beats away—
left only crumbs of memories.

Not even fairy godmothers
could break her spell
or deathly grasp of entropy

until that night
a force revealed
love’s transcendence
of time and space…

Gravity still proved to find me
even when glass slippers break.

Belle Responds to Questions

none of the books that I’ve read
could have prepared me.

it wasn’t bravery,
nor was it goodness,
nor consciousness
that I was acting on
to rescue my father and the Beast.

No —

There is nothing more powerful —
more decisive,
more desperate
than love
and the fear
of losing
someone you love.

Wendy Darling to Peter Pan

I miss you the most here,
between sunrise and sunset.

But I believe we’ll meet again—
a knowing in our eyes
of our time in Neverland…

For now,
I’ll see you in dreams.

Writing and photography by: Katy Claire Funke

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

― C.S. Lewis

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