All that I’ve wanted
is to fall in deeper :

to risk the riptides
and feel the unbound.

To let go and descend
as the absence of sound


I am

and whale song —

sheathed in the dead zones,
whirled in the night sea’s
softening of limbs
into dust and atoms.

Even if it means me drowning

the rigidities of many selves
streaming out behind me

as I fall deeper into
the discovery of you.

Writing and photography by: Katy Claire Funke

Tried out some underwater photography while swimming today!

22 thoughts on “Falling in

    1. Thank you, Francisco ☺️ I like it described that way. It was definitely a bit of a meditation I went through to write it. I was feeling a reverence for the powerful waves I was swimming in yesterday.

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  1. Sometimes,
    wanting to fold myself into silent places,
    play with things that live there…
    Be something beyond “this” me…
    float somewhere…
    that’s where the hope lives,
    hovering there…

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