A nameless beach rose
Only it knows why it’s here
How love finds its way

Goggles left swallowed
Swimming in forgotten day’s
Memories of sand

No better magic
When shells fit on fingertips
Like the silky seas

Writing and photography by: Katy Claire Funke

11 thoughts on “Beach Finds (Haikus)

    1. Thank you so much, Bartholomew. Your reading and comment mean so much to me. ☺️ This particular rose someone left in the sand, but I like to believe that it found a way to grow there 🌹 Hope you are having a lovely day!

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  1. There are many things that I enjoy about your blog, your writing and photography being the main things I enjoy. Yet, there is another aspect that I truly enjoy, all the comments giving great and deserved praise for your words and photography. You are truly able to communicate from your heart to the hearts of others through beautiful, romantic words. Though I wouldn’t classify your work as being that of Romanticism, all your poems express such a romantic expression often brought through nature.

    Your words always leave me in awe and it makes me so very happy that others enjoy this great beauty also and express it to you because you so truly deserve it. You definitely don’t seem like a self absorbed person but I truly hope that you enjoy all the love that you get from the expressions that you so freely give to all from your heart. It is such a beautiful connection to see this love given back to you in simple but deeply touching comments.

    To be honest, I don’t know what I would do with such beautiful comments if they were given to me. I would probably be embarrassed for some reason. Possibly because I don’t like the spotlight on me. This is why it is important to me to say these things to you, hoping that you are enjoying them because you deserve them. You are able to bring out and even enhance the beauty of nature, expressing these things through your own feelings as expressions of your own feelings then relay this great beauty for all to experience through your words and also through your eyes in your amazing photography. Oh, so breathtakingly beautiful. ❤️

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    1. Matthias, I am again overwhelmed by your extremely kind words and overcome with gratitude for your sharing them with me. You have such a precious heart. Reading and writing poetry is new to me this year. It started with need to connect with and express my heart, and much like you, I found this best communicated through nature. I am especially inspired by the beauty that my new home of Maui has to offer. I normally don’t feel very comfortable sharing too much online, but it truly makes my efforts worth it when I hear that I can bring joy to others during this time through sharing art and the beauty of nature I see around me. I feel very blessed to have a supportive community here on WordPress that help to give me encouragement to grow as a writer and artist. I always enjoy reading your beautifully written and always extremely thoughtful journal entries. You have a great gift. I hope that you are having a lovely weekend. ♥️🌼

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      1. I can’t even begin to describe what an honor it is to be able to experience your heart through your expressions. The fact that writing poetry is rather new for you , well, you are a natural. You write poetry that I can only dream of writing. For most of my early life all I wrote is poetry and I was always striving to write something that you seem to write so effortlessly. Not so much the words but the feeling within your words.

        You are certainly not just another talented woman with a beautiful face. There is so much beautiful depth within you. This is the beauty I enjoy through your expression. Oh, how your expression cause me to feel. Feel so much. At times feeling like I am the flower or the sand on the beach and, at the same time, the observer observing these things, just wow, what an experience you give to me through your heart.

        I’m certainly not envious of your gift. I feel great joy for your gift. Maybe your gift is not what many in the society might be seeking. I don’t see 100s or 1000s of people viewing your work. Those I do see viewing your work seem to be very beautiful and sensitive people within themselves.

        Your expressions inspire me. They touch my heart and cause her to sing. Whether you know it or not, or like it or not, you are a part of my journey. I think of how I would like to enjoy your work. I thought about how your poetry and photography doesn’t belong in a small book that is read now and then and then placed into a bookshelf. No. Your work has to be displayed all the time.

        I thought of maybe a coffee table book. Even this was too little. I thought of expanding your photos and somehow adding your poetry and framing them to hang on the wall. Then I thought that doing this wouldn’t being enough because it would only be one person seeing them. No. They need to be displayed in places where many people can view them. I thought of an exhibit a coffee house or library.

        Then I thought, “No. They are already displayed where they truly belong. They adorn the heart.”

        When I think of the fact that you actually read my posts, where my heart is beautifully tearing apart the society and everything within it. Where I often feel like a monster, a beautiful monster, tearing down the illusions of humanity, raining on their parade. When I think of you and your art then you reading the expressions of my heart, well, I’m just blown away that you can see right into my heart and, as you just described in your response, you see the true flower on my heart, not the monster that most might see.

        For you to say that I have a “precious heart,” well, that just melts my heart. She smiles so beautifully as she receives this feeling from your heart.

        Well, I’ve probably embarrassed you beyond belief. Don’t be embarrassed. Just allow your heart to smile and receive the feelings of my heart, whom your heart causes to sing through your expressions. ❤️🌺

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