A question I often ask the ocean :

Where do you go?
( Maybe that’s a silly question… but
would it be my head or my heart that would know?
And if I consult both, what if they don’t completely agree?
Does one know better than the other?
What if one speaks louder than the other?
Does that mean it’s the truthful one?
Is truth always the answer?
If so, does truth come from the head or the heart [or neither]?
Must they come to an agreement
or does one override the other?
And what about others’ heads and hearts?
Should I just trust the experts on these matters?
Do others’ opinions matter if only I need to know the answer?
But maybe the answer doesn’t matter to this particular question? )
Maybe I just need to trust you,
You know where you go.
( But do I go, too? )

Writing and photography by: Katy Claire Funke

15 thoughts on “Where does the ocean go?

  1. I think it’s less where does the ocean go but who uses the ocean to go places – our minds, our actual bodies on the waves, in boats on its surface, the sea animals that swim and migrate through its waters – the ocean is like air – a conduit through which we move yet more tangible, less everywhere. Sorry,,, I’m becoming more tangled as I write and explore this. Love it, will probably tumble it over a few more times. Where do you go? Ocean. Where does our mind go? Hmmm

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