Now I understand
what you tried to say to me

when the sun shone high
on those sand dunes by the beach

and your voice was singing clearly
of green and azure waves,

but all I saw
were shadows
on a desert that day.

Though the lyrics of your music
sounded true and so familiar,
my ignorance was dissonant
as I tried to sing along.

Still, patiently,
you listened,
as I practiced
and practiced

till I finally
was immersed
in the song of your sea.

And while swaying in the depths
to the lull of the current β€”

that music,
I discovered,
always played
within me.

Writing and photography by: Katy Claire Funke

19 thoughts on “Song of the Sea

  1. I don’t wish to impose not do I desire to affect or alter the beautiful expression of your heart in any way, as my heart has limited me in offering insights or expressions upon the expressions of others, leaving me only emojis to express my joy or to describe the beauty of which I experience from the expressions of the hearts of others.

    Here, my heart has seemed to grant me space in which to express to you my thoughts and feelings in relation to the expressions of your heart. For this I’m grateful to her.

    Please remember, I am a mere mortal of no consequence. My thoughts and opinions have no greater meaning than that of a breeze one feels in passing as they are walking through a meadow of beautiful wildflowers. Flowers that stand out in their grandeur while the breeze is nothing but a passing thought or feeling.

    I write this while listening to you sing, something I just happened upon in your blog. As you might already know, I’ve always been a great admirer of your poetry and how the beautiful expressions of your heart pass through the gentle and timeless words of which you place upon the blank page before you and grant us access to who you truly are which might not be truly defined and definitively expressed in one poem but throughout them all we are blessed with such a wonderful and heavenly melody of heart which, at least for me, flows freely, unhindered, into my own heart causing my heart to sing along with the melody, thus forming a grander melody through duet in joining with your own hearts song.

    I’ve read much poetry in this life, most of which I pretty much disregard as gibberish of feelings and thoughts seeking complete expression but are unable to pass through the filters of oppression and limitation placed upon those who are trying to bring forth their hearts into the desolate lands where our feet walk at this time and our minds are left to long for much more than this dry and empty landscape. Only through our imaginations can we drift beyond, outside of the emptiness provided to us through the perspective reality that teaches and thus defines the lives of so many beautiful people who are unable to fully express the beauty that lies within each and every one of them.

    There isn’t a book of poetry that I would buy and desire to own as my own, to read and treasure each day, maybe other than The Prophet, which is poetry expressed through prose. If you were to publish a book of your poetry, I would be the first in line to purchase a copy. I would treasure this book and always keep it safe and on display for all to see the beauty of which I have come to experience through the expressions of your heart through words.

    It wasn’t until I heard you sing that I could no longer hold myself back from expressing these things. After reading a post in which you diverted from poetry and delved into the beauty of your own experiences and feelings expressed through prose, offering to us a more detailed honesty of some of your struggles with your art through music and the beautiful instrument of your voice, of which you declared as being not able to fully express your heart for you believe that it, in some way, is held back by the perfection that can be imposed on this art, especially when perceived academically and through the eyes of others who have set the standards of what this art to strive to be.

    No, I disagree with you. Your voice brings forth your heart in ways that, well, when I heard the first note come from you, your heart filled every intonation and vibration that came forth where the words didn’t matter. All I was aware of was the feeling that came forth from within your voice. The feeling of your heart which, just as your poetry, freely flowed without any hindrance or obstacle, directly into my heart, causing my heart to sing as I felt shivers throughout my body causing me to lay my head back in complete submission to the power and force that comes through the gentle, softness of your heart. A beautifully feminine heart.

    I don’t fear that this will alter or affect the expression of your heart. I don’t believe my heart would allow me to express her feelings to you if it would. Your heart, no matter the method, art or craft, will always come forth into the world. There is nothing that can stop her. She is a great and beautiful force that will not allow anything to prevent her from expressing herself.

    Your heart is a truly beautiful flower of which I greatly admire, as I would anything so great and beautiful, like when I walk through a meadow of wildflowers feeling so unworthy to experience their great beauty. But the flowers always remind me that they are me and I am them. We are one. That their beauty is my beauty just as your beauty is the beauty within all of us, expressed so freely and openly that, when your heart comes forth, all of our hearts our touched so deeply that they desire nothing more than to join with the beauty of your heart and thus, expand the expression of your heart into a grander expression through the duet of joining with your song, allowing all of us to experience as well as become the beauty that is within us all.

    It is this that those emojis represent that I leave upon some of your posts. I am so grateful for your beautiful heart and I want you to know that the treasure of your heart which you so freely offer unto us all, resides in my heart forever as part of my treasure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Matthias, I don’t know where to begin other than I am so deeply touched by these words that your beautiful heart has blessed me with. I will treasure them always. Truly. They came to me at a time when I really needed them, as I have been feeling very unsure of continuing writing and singing. I am overwhelmed with emotion when you say that my art flows through to you from my heart regardless of how consumed my brain gets with technicalities. That expression means more to me than you know. I am so humbled by your compliments of my work, as I greatly admire your extremely heartfelt and eloquent writing flow. I have wanted to comment on several of your beautiful journal entries. You honestly amaze me with how much you see and feel in the world that so many do not (or they choose not to). You are a very special soul that I am so grateful to have connected with. I cherish your emojis. πŸ₯°πŸ’—πŸŒΉπŸŒΈπŸŒΉπŸ’—

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my goodness!! I don’t know if I can fully express what your compliments of my writing mean to me. I am my heart but I am also a mere mortal like anyone else, with many insecurities and fears that I must endure. Many times the only reason I keep writing is because my heart insists on it. My heart doesn’t allow comments on my blog for the same reason that I am not allowed to comment on the blogs of others. My heart is very lovingly strict with me and I will always do as she asks. I am so very grateful that she has briefly opened this window for our hearts to directly connect as well as to uplift our mortal selves. It seems she has kept the window open long enough for me to respond to your heart.

        My heart knows far more than I, which is what makes my life so strangely interesting. I am like everyone else, blind to all that is going on in the world yet she takes me to places, gives me experiences and shows me things that I would never be able to experience without her. It seems that she knew of how you have been feeling, as well as how I have been feeling about my own life and art.

        In the past, when I did have comments open, there were some who would comment on what I had written but never on how I had written it. Though they go together, how I am writing is more important to me than what I am writing. Just as I said about your singing. The words you are singing don’t matter as much as the feeling of your heart which flows upon your truly beautiful voice.

        To say that my writing is “eloquent” touches me deeply. The fact that you admire my writing, well, this brings tears to my eyes. To have such a great and beautiful person of whom I deeply admire say that she admires my expressions, well, all I can say is that I am deeply touched and truly uplifted by this.

        This life would suddenly have a great hole, maybe the same size and force of a black hole if you were to stop expressing your heart through the crafts you have chosen. In fact, if it weren’t overwhelming for you, you should find more ways to express your beautiful heart upon this physical canvass.

        Every time I experience your expressions, of which I can touch and taste, feel and experience everything that you are describing, both within you as well as what you seeing around you, as if I’m there both within you and also along side of you, well, your expressions give to me something that has been lacking in my life for a long time. A place to go where I can truly experience the songs of another heart that is truly open and freely expressing herself.

        When I heard your voice for the first time, as I said before, from the first note I could feel your beautiful heart and as I allowed you music to continue playing my heart too began to sing and thus, she gave to you her song, brought forth from your song, through my writing to you. This window of connection allowed me to express what I feel each time I read your poetry and now when I hear and feel your truly beautiful voice.

        It often confounds me that most people seem to disregard and even outright carelessly discard the only thing that is of any true value in this life. For some reason that can’t fully experience the song of the heart, both within them and the songs from other hearts. They might be able to experience it in small ways, as if being able to hear the song through very loud static and distortion. But they never seem to be able to fully experience and embrace the song of the heart, which is the very language of the universe and what binds everything, including us, together.

        It is this song of the heart, which they seem to view as being nothing but refuse, even at times less than refuse, desiring things of the material which do nothing but decay and are eaten away by this physical life which is the very nature and laws of the physical realm, rather than to feel and experience the only treasure that is infinite and will be with them forever. A treasure that will never decay, become lost, eaten or destroyed by this life.

        Because of this, knowing the true rarity of this experience of being able to enjoy the songs of the heart, I am so gratefully honored to be able to enjoy this beauty even though it means that I have no true connection to the reality that is currently ruling the lives of the humans at this time leaving me, well, outside of it all where it seems I am having to sacrifice such things so as to enjoy this great treasure. Well, it is confounding that it should be the other way around, where it is a great sacrifice to give up the connection to the songs of the hearts for that of the material comfort of the physical realm.

        Thus I understand the true value of this brief window my heart has given to me in which to express such things to you and your heart directly. I would say that of all the rewards my heart has given me, this experience is one of the greatest of them all. You have given me something that no one else has ever given me before. You have told me that I am an artist and that my heart is expressing herself through my writing and that, through all the static and distortion in the world, you are able to hear the song of my heart as I can hear the song of your heart.

        Today, as my mortal self is here in a place where he has no idea of what is to come for him as his life in the physical realm seems to be in a state of limbo and seeming insecurity, what you have given me raises and uplifts my mortal self to where he can simply accept his fate, whatever his heart offers to him, because now he knows that what is being expressed through him is being truly experienced by another. That the song of his heart is being experienced and thus being able to experience within himself, on a physical level, the true joy of knowing that my art does matter.


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