She taught me how to tend the garden
planted in my soul:

the times to sow,
the times to to prune,
to nourish, protect and cradle.

But never neglect
to pray with hope —
for the blooms will come back,
( they will always come back

On the beach today

On the beach today
curled up in the warm island sand
mothers hold their babies in the surf.

I’ve heard mothers described as
islands :
safe places to land.
But they also must be
oceans :
endless depths of surging love.

Mom’s store

My mother owned the only grocery store in town.
Yes, only a grocery store,
but equal to a kingdom
in my little girl brain.

This is my mom’s store!
I would exclaim,
as if she were a queen.
They would tell me,
you look just like her.
A statement instantly perking up my princess crown.


She claims to have no artistry
an artist is all I see.

In ways she paints in scents of color
with arms outstretched like salvia
in flowers she plants the love for others —
her heart of honeyed dahlia.

Writing and featured image by: Katy Claire Funke

My obsession with florals comes from my mom. Here are some shots from her garden this Mother’s Day:

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