He is
the river’s
soft and steady rhythm
holding me by firelight.

The moonlit promise
of the ocean’s
stormy kiss of life.

He is:
The love song of the sun.
The crimsoning of night.
The eyes of valor
and grace that saves you,

and every poem rain could write.

He is
the hum of heartache
the planets
and trees at dawn;

the painted dreams,
unseen —
the breaths within the song.

He is:
The journey worth your while.
The bursting of your heart.
The touching of all scars
and forgetting of all time.

He is
He is

What it means to be alive.

Writing & Photography by: Katy Claire Funke

16 thoughts on “He is

  1. Stunningly beautiful.
    As captivating and intimately woven an expression of love as I have ever read.
    Reads almost as though you planted the images and watched them frow into

    Liked by 1 person

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