I started my singing career in high school as the cantor for the Catholic church that my family and I attended in Idaho. Since then I have worked for numerous churches throughout the U.S. and have gotten used to the busy music prep weeks leading up to Easter and the holy days of obligation that surround the holiday.

Since this Easter is so different I wanted to sing some non-standard repertoire for family and friends back home today. (By non-standard I mean religious music outside of what the Catholic Church allows during masses.) One of my favorites that I haven’t sung in quite some time is “When You Believe” from the film The Prince of Egypt. This is sung by the chorus of people departing from the slavery of Egypt to the Red Sea and the Promised Land. I just thought that some of the lyrics to this song were very relevant to our lives right now.

Here is a little live performance I did today. I will probably re-record this one with better audio to have for next Easter, but wanted to share it today.

The featured image is one I took of a bird of paradise plant, which symbolizes freedom. I thought it was only fitting to go with this song.

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