Why is it that every time I create something I panic that it is the last time I will ever create? Will this be the last poem I ever write? The last song I ever sing?

What is the creation of art but …

A narrowing of winding roads

leading to unnamed destinations?

A taming of the ruthless wild —

a guardrail on unforeseen emotions?

A beauty that hides the chaos,

but makes the truth be seen?

A grieving tree that’s frozen,

but surprises us by blooming?

A flourishing of harmony

of life in volcanic death?

A mesmerizing flower

that leads us on a new path?

A pruning of the jagged hedges,

a corralling of the lawless pastures?

An uprising of hearts impassioned,

a feeling expressed in lines & colors?

Maybe I needn’t worry

about if I’ll create again.

Maybe it’s in the beauty

of unknowing

where we realize

the creation.

Writing & photography by: Katy Claire Funke

All photos were taken on the Kula Highway in upcountry Maui, HI.

This poem was inspired by Francisco Bravo Cabrera’s post on What is Art?

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