I turn the key and take a drive.

A watercolor childhood

fades into the rearview mirror

of my mind.

On unmarked roads by the sea,

I paint the lines dandelion

to glow beside me.

My hair soars in sea spray

and moonlit plumeria.

For once, the wind’s tangles

don’t bother me.

The night air is thick in unknowing,

but warm in promise.

We could go anywhere.

Angel in the Rain

The cloudburst cascades onto the shores

we all run to our cars —

all but one.

No doubt, she’s an angel forged in sun.

She’s a wild, sand-born diamond:

a pink pearl dancing in the heaven

of the human spirit rising.

This is the stage she has been waiting for.

Her soul’s music is turned up so loud

I can’t hear the thunder anymore.

& she’s flying like a bird to the rain;

spinning ankle deep in the surf.

Her hair flings the golden dapplings of radiant joy.

She’s the rarity that believes in eternal sunrises

& catches falling stars we don’t see.

⁃ Dedicated to the woman dancing fearlessly on the stormy beach today who needed to be documented. Reminded me of “Both Sides Now” by Judy Collins.

Wailea Beach 4/6/2020

Writing and photography by: Katy Claire Funke

I want your mind
I want your mind
for just a night

to see how pastels
weave with neon
& sparks spin with Dante
‘til stars fade with dawn.

I reach for such stars
from my finite cocoon,
but space just expands
falling back to my muse.

I make my calls to your
long distance depths

but the signal is busy
or echoing back...

(in the glimpses of eyes
in our same insanity)

So I just want to know
what it’d be like
to feel these depths

for just one night.

3 thoughts on “Writings On the Mind

  1. First off, all 3 of these poems are felt deeply and beautifully moving. The first poem moonlit, I watched the video link below Neil young (Harvest Moon) brilliant and I did sense your influence to the song, amazing.

    Angel in the rain, wow! You have a way with words and it rings lyrical harmony and stunning.
    Judy Collins has such a beautiful voice.

    The last poem visually breathtaking and outstanding poetic writing. You are superb talent and brilliant.

    Lastly, I watched your ‘YouTube’ video ‘Moon River – Breakfast at Tiffany’s’.

    The way you sing is my goodness…fantastic! and you brought me to tears. In a good way. Two-Thumbs way up! You should be sign to a record label. You have a voice of a thousand angels. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, thank you so much, Charlie for these compliments on my writing and singing. Your very thoughtful comments mean so much to me. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed these writings and my performance of “Moon River” 😊 looking forward to your next poems! Hope you are having a lovely day.

      Liked by 1 person

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