Twilight dances amber flames
on the surface of the ocean.

(Such a radiant ballet
I cannot look away.)

& despite my fears
of sinking sands
& things that sting,

I forgive the waves
their cryptic ways
& find myself beneath them.
. . .

They embrace me as their own —
wrapping me in starry tides
that melt me into molten light.

As a new fluorescent being
I fall in love with seas afire
& ignite the shore as moonbeams.
Kihei, HI 4/4/2020
we’d stay
in an endless
twilight sway

in silent sighs
of opalescence:

I adore you still
at such a distance.

You lift me into sunsets,
& spin me in the starlight.

We waltz in skies of liliqoi
that sweeten blooms of violet.

For darling,
all I’ll ever do
is love you from the
Hanalei moon.

By: Katy Claire Funke

Inspired by the Hawaiian song Hanalei Moon” by Dennis Pavao.

Images by me.

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