The sun strokes it’s presence

bronze on porcelain skin

& drapes the breath of patience

in promises, like linen.

The summer skies fill picture frames

in opaline perfection,

while palms sway me to a

cherry lipstick taste of elation.

In aquamarine

I slip through a window

of daydream on a beach.

In a book of mystery

I’m swept away

and vanish in the sand.

By: Katy Claire Funke

I spent the day at Keawakapu Beach: the quintessential image of a Maui beach, stretching between Kihei and Wailea. The Hawaiian word, Keawakapu, translates to “forbidden cove.” The beach was named this to prevent natives from settling in the area due to the harsh kona storms that hit its shores and can cause the entire beach vanish. Luckily, the ocean is kind enough to return the pristine sands in the months following these storms.

All photos by me.

3 thoughts on “Window on a Beach

    1. Thank you, Sheree! It is so strange not to have any tourists on the island… These beaches are usually pretty packed. Luckily, the Hawaiian government is letting locals take advantage of the empty beaches at this time.

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