The isle stilled with scattering
from the crater’s sunside glow.

Its sudden incandescence
drizzled skin
with watered rose.

The silken layer
covered me
in a lover’s
saccharine memory

& lingered in its tingle
an indelible flame.

In fuchsia mist hibiscus
sprinkled beads
like drumming

In my dream
your kiss became
the ‘Ulalena rains.
. .

By: Katy Claire Funke

Since moving to Maui I have been reading up on the beautiful language and mythology of the Hawaiian culture. ‘Ululena is a wind unique to Maui, carrying a mystical glowing rain of a reddish hue, that reveals itself at twilight. It travels from the clouds on the Mt. Haleakalā crater down to the shores of Hamakuapoko. The rain is more of a mist said to leave a tingle on your skin that will invigorate a yearning for life and romance.

The featured image is one I took at the Haleakalā crater. It truly is above the clouds.

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