my straw bones couldn’t
hold me up any longer
in my thrashing bomb cyclone
of self-destruction

it wasn’t until my collapse
that i saw you
still there
brick bones braced
in my summoned gales
& sobbing rains

the sun dared to peek through
the clouds in my surrender
exposing the shrapnel
strewn about our yard

calmly, you laid next to me
among all that i’d laid waste to
‘till the day, when i will rise

even in this darkest storm
I love you as you are,
you say,
we’ll clean this up —
piece by piece,
& stronger we’ll become

By: Katy Claire Funke

6 thoughts on “surrender

  1. This is such an incredible piece of writing. From the very first line – straw bones – I felt like I was hypnotized. The cadence and your word choices are literally exceptional. I simply adore this. 🖤💌

    Liked by 1 person

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