diesel engines thunder 
in a cave of sweltering steel

Metallica plays 
our summer soundtrack 
on the radio

clanging tool drops echo 
on rigid concrete floors

i ride my bike by cornfields
or on the patio

ratchets torque &twist
between bursts of 
welding sparks

tractors kick up dirt 
down a lane 
smelling of iron fireworks

farmers flock in overalls 
sweat-worn & sunburnt 

for advice, cold beers &laughter β€”
an oasis in the Idaho desert

he'll be coming in the house soon 
to scrub at grease-stains from his toil

i've made him a sandwich 
and wrote him a song

on the porch we'll laugh for hours

By: Katy Claire Funke

Photo by neonbrand via unsplash

11 thoughts on “dad’s shop

      1. I was always following my father into his hallowed man cave; reaching for wrenches and bolts and imagining I would someday be as adept at mechanical magic as he. A wonderful place for a child ….

        Liked by 1 person

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