poem of commemorating home
in maple floors
the air parades
of floral

where i gather
a garden rose

while i dance
on pointed toe

singing of the
you hold
in stucco


of summer sage
the wind chimes tune
to symphonic

where we dream
and stargaze

while we bask
in lemonade daze

delighting in
the pleasants
of sweet
Bonnie Brae

Words by: Katy Claire Funke

Today the papers were signed, selling the house that had officially made us homeowners three years ago. As we close in on our move to Maui there will be many days like today where we reflect on the blessings gathered living at our little home on Bonnie Brae Lane.

It was in this house where I realized my interior design skills, remodeled a kitchen and put to use all those years of watching HGTV with my mother. I anxiously welcomed my first ever voice student, so proud of myself for starting my business. In this home we tended a garden, raised a puppy, hosted holidays, and lived a Colorado dream.

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