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I have over eighteen years of performance experience and would love the opportunity to be your singing coach or perform for your special occasion on Maui!


Katy is a highly skilled, talented performer and an excellent vocal teacher. My daughter has been in theater productions and choral performances her whole life and has learned more from Katy in the past month about using her voice as a beautiful instrument than all of her other directors combined. Taking professional classes has taught her techniques to allow her confidence to walk into any audition and perform at the next level. Katy is gracious, kind and very professional to work with. Highly recommend!

Amy Sufak

We found Katy about a year ago and my daughter started taking voice lessons from her. My daughter had never had formal teaching before but had some experience with musical theater. She was a little nervous but Katy made her instantly forget that, and since then Katy has been invaluable in helping her grow in both skill and confidence, preparing my daughter for auditions and inspiring her to love singing even more than before. Katy is a wonderful teacher and person. We highly recommend her… my daughter loves her lessons!

Jennifer Valant

Katy is the kindest, most talented voice teacher. She is a true master of her craft with the most beautiful voice and a gift for working with young people. Katy has worked with my daughter for several years now, showing up at the defining moments when we really needed her. At one point, my daughter decided not to sing for an audition because she was convinced it was a useless effort. Katy not only showed up, but went above and beyond to teach, encourage, inspire, and calm her enough to go through with the audition. My daughter shocked herself when she went through with it to find success. Katy is a gift to all who know her, both professionally and personally. We are thankful for her and would recommend her to anyone, beginner or advanced, who wishes to pursue their vocal passion and goals.

Lisa Benton

Katy is an amazing instructor! My teenage son’s voice has never sounded so clear or amazing- thanks to Katy! He now has more confidence than ever.

Jessica Kinninger

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